Tuesday, 31 January 2012

RODs WOD 31/1/12

Wow, that's January gone. If you have been following these workouts and getting at least 3 in a week then you should be starting to feel leaner, stronger and have more energy. Don't focus on weight for the moment.

If you haven't been joining in then feel free to drop into any if the posted workouts at any time. They are designed to suit any ability.

Today, as a lot of the country has had snow, let's do some snowball burpees.

Start straight away with just 1 burpee and in 30 minutes time do 2 burpees then 30 mins later do 3 and so on.

If my maths are correct you will have conquered 91 in eight hours with a set of 16 being your highest.

If burpees are too hard then replace with a star jump (watch out for the china)

Let us all know how big your snowball got.


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