Tuesday, 17 January 2012

RODs WOD 18/1/2012

Today is about finding where you are at.

We are going to do a series of 7 exercises against the clock and for each exercise I want you to count how many repetitions you managed.  if you only manage 1 that's fine, this is to set yourself a fitness benchmark that we are going to revisit in 30 days time.

I will set the exercises along with a brief description.  If anyone needs help with these or any other exercises then I can post a video feed for you.

Clear some space in the living room, garage, garden, office.  No equipment needed other than some form of timer.  For each exercise I want you to work for 50 seconds and rest for 10 before moving on.  When you have finished then take a 1 minute rest, a gulp of water and repeat  2 more times (that's 3 in total).
Use your 10 seconds to record your score on a pad.


Here we go:
Squat jumps - squat as if sitting and jump up in the air, land softly into another squat and repeat.  If you have dodgy knees then leave the jump and just squat.

Push ups - chest to the ground.  If you cant manage this then do from a kneeling position.

Burpees - drop to the ground, press up as above, jump up with arms in air  - that's 1 count

High knees - From a standing position run keeping your knees as high as possible - use the palms of your hands to slap your knees to keep the height.

Jumping lunges - Start in a lunge position and leap into the reverse position.  Each side counts as 1.  If you have dodgy knees then leave out the jump.

Tuck jumps - From the standing position jump up and tuck your knees to your chest.  If you have bad knees then leave this one out.

Sit ups - lying flat on the floor, plant your feet firmly into the ground without using an anchor point sit all the way up with your hands resting at your temples.  If this is too hard then rest your hands on your thighs and slide them up towards your knees.

That's it - 23 minutes in total

Write down your personal scores (ie how many sit ups in total over the 3 sets) keep a record an post them on here for comparison.

Good luck!!


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