Thursday, 29 November 2012

A bit of pre Xmas advice...

Rather than telling yourself 'I will start that program/diet in the new year after I have gorged through Xmas' how about starting before so that you 'think' before you go mad.

You have 3 weeks to get into a good routine with a regular exercise system and a healthy eating regime-just enough to get your body in shape before the big binge and making it easier to simply continue in the new year without having to start from scratch.

Make sense?

If you need help then simply get in touch and we can fast track you.

Hi ho ho


Friday, 16 November 2012

Xmas gift idea

'It's beginning to feel a lot like...

I've eaten too much and put on too much weight over


Here's a cool idea for the person that you care about.  These gift certificates are designed to ease them into a new year training and health regime and are suitable for all levels and ages.

For the Avid exerciser and gym goer who already has all of the latest kit and gym membership - they can redeem for our 'Peak' fitness testing - with 23 points of measurement from body fat through to strength and even VO2 max.  This will help to identify any points of weakness and can help in their ongoing developmnt.

For People who have been there before but lost their motivation, they know what they can become but can't seem to get stuck in!  Our 1 to 1 PT sessions are ideal as we bring all the kit to them, carry out a fitness consultation and a 90 minute exercise and motivation session.  Activities range from self defence, mountain biking, kayaking, kettle bells, swiss/stability ball, fight club, free weights or just simple CV.

For those not sure, scared about the committment, never done exercise before types - Our Mini PT pack is ideally suited.  During a 2 hour consultation we carry out a mini fitness test, diet consulation, 30 minute gentle exercise session and 6 week exercise programme (incl. ongoing email/text support).

Available in £25 denomonations (£25, £50, £75 etc.)

Call, PM or email for more details