Saturday, 14 September 2013

Getting in shape for your wedding

Its been a while since we posted anything on here and wanted to share a thought with you if you are planning on getting married.  Do you think of your wedding day a an opportunity or a benchmark to up your fitness levels.  Maybe just as you see this as a new start or a crossroads to your life or because you are unhappy with the way you look and want to do the best to look your best for your new husband/wife to be.  Looking good for your wedding photos is a good reason.

If this does apply to you then that's great but remember to stick to it afterwards too.  Strangely, more people put on weight after their marriage than at any other time - complacency maybe?

If you book your wedding through Zest Photography then ask for a free fitness test and exercise plan at the time of booking.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Obstacle race training camp

For those out there who, like us, love the extreme challenges of obstacle racing such as 'Spartan', 'Tough Mudder', 'Warrior Run' and, in our opinion, the Daddy of them all - 'Tough Guy', a relevant training regime is a must.

When we say training, of course you will need to get the miles in and, of course, you will need to get down the gym and shift some Iron - however, relevant training really needs to train you to work outside of your usual comfort zones.  Forget running on the treadmill and think sprinting through the forest.  Forget lat pull-downs and think climbing - walls, rocks, trees.  Forget crunches and think throwing stuff like big boulders and logs.  You will need to train yourself at height too and in the water, preferably cold, muddy, stinky water.  And let's not forget pain - electric shocks, nettles, brambles, barbed wire and grazes.

If all of this is not for you then - well, better to pull out now.  If you're still up for it then get out there and get creative!

For those that want to be pushed that little further we are offering a series of Obstacle training camps - 3 days of intensive training encompassing everything from balance skills to carrying, combat, open water and forest navigation.  The camps are designed to be either a kick-start for racers to take away ideas to incorporate into their own routines or for those who feel that they have reached a plateau and maybe want to their butts kicked just a little bit further than their local 'Boot Camp'.

We are also offering 1 day tasters for those who are not sure whether the Obstacle Challenges are for them - come along and try out a short days training and make up your mind whether going home with 1 trainer missing, mud up your nose and bloody knees are markers of a good day or not!

For pricing take a look at our pricing page.  Dates will be running throughout the year depending on take-up.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Need inspiring? Then watch this!

I stumbled across this wonderful poem and video and just wanted to share it with you all.

Happy New Year!

Be Inspired to do greater things in 2013 -  bring out your adventurous side.