Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Here's a thought...

Rather than training your body for aesthetics - working on your abs, your arms, your shoulders and so on, to carve out your ideal body shape, find yourself a physical challenge instead. 

Hurdle 5 half meter posts, climb that tree, leap 6 feet, balance along the top of a park bench, complete one of our strength sets, stand on one leg blindfolded for 30 doesn't matter what the challenge but make it just out of your grasp and go for it. Your body will work and adapt to achieve it and then it's time for you to set the next small challenge. Before you know it everyday obstacles that caused you diffulculty before will be easy and, guess what, your body will become lean, toned and fitter naturally.

Do you think that the Olympic athletes body shapes were honed on the treadmill or on the track - practicing and practicing for their own challenges? The powerful shoulders of the pole vaulters and the gymnasts have formed as a result of hours of lifting their own bodyweight over and over again in order to achieve more height or better technique. 

My personal challenge at the moment is to be able to perform a full planche press-up - I'm getting there but still a long way off - but every day that I try and do it I notice subtle differences in my strength, balance and tone. Hmmm...maybe I chould do it in my pants??

Monday, 6 August 2012

body weight upper body blast

Try this sub 30 minute routine for a total upper body workout.

Rotational push up pads work the rotator cuff in all directions
You will need:

A chin up bar
A set of rotational push up pads 
A set of stairs

Superset each exercise back to back without rest:

15 w>n press ups
8 ohw chins
10 n>w press ups
8 ohn chins
12 w>n incline press ups
10 uhw chins
12 w>n decline press ups
10 uhn chins
12 n>w incline press ups
8 monkey grip chins
10 n>w decline press ups
6 alt grip chins

Total workout time 22 mins per set - repeat 1-3 sets depending on fitness level (reps may slip by upto 20% per set)

Key - w>n wide to narrow internal rotation
          n>w narrow to wide external rotation (abduct)
          uh - underhand
          oh - overhand
          w - wide
          n - narrow