Monday, 6 August 2012

body weight upper body blast

Try this sub 30 minute routine for a total upper body workout.

Rotational push up pads work the rotator cuff in all directions
You will need:

A chin up bar
A set of rotational push up pads 
A set of stairs

Superset each exercise back to back without rest:

15 w>n press ups
8 ohw chins
10 n>w press ups
8 ohn chins
12 w>n incline press ups
10 uhw chins
12 w>n decline press ups
10 uhn chins
12 n>w incline press ups
8 monkey grip chins
10 n>w decline press ups
6 alt grip chins

Total workout time 22 mins per set - repeat 1-3 sets depending on fitness level (reps may slip by upto 20% per set)

Key - w>n wide to narrow internal rotation
          n>w narrow to wide external rotation (abduct)
          uh - underhand
          oh - overhand
          w - wide
          n - narrow


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