Exercise videos

I am probably laying myself wide open to ridicule and embarrassment by doing these, but so many ask 'how do I do ...Rod?'  or 'What sort of exercise would you have me doing on a session with you?'

So here goes... 

Love Handles
Those tricky little wobbly bits get a right seeing to with this exercise!  If you're in a gym and there are no trees (poor you), substitute with a cable machine.

 'There's a dog watcher walking me' - d'oh.

This 'all over' body workout is simple, effective and do-able anywhere (except a small tunnel or on a wobbly bridge maybe).

Try incorporating burpees into your other routines to up the intensity.  I tend to add sets every quarter of a mile on a long run for example.

The Woodchop/Reverse Woodchop

 A great all round core workout - make sure that you focus on the muscles of the trunk and not the arms to drive the chop up/down.  Adding weights or long objects such as a heavy branch (or an axe - bit obvious really but also risky), adds to the workout.  Great also on the cable machine if you're in the gym

Reverse Crunch

This is a staple in the abdominals section, a must for all those serious about toning the tum.

Bunny Hops

Difficult to film but great leg workout.  Builds explosive power, stability, agility and, when back to back with something like a burpee, fantastic as part of a cardio circuit.

Prisoner of War

John Cleese would be proud of this one - I had great fun doing it and nearly wet myself laughing on the playback-what a twit!  However, this is a great exercise and has my clients screaming to make me let them stop!

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