Friday, 25 September 2015

Extreme Obstacle Training sessions

water, distance, crawls, sprints, climbs, hangs and, just when you think you're done, electricity and deep mud! All normal torture tricks at Tough Mudder

A forest workout can take place in the least likely places!
This autumn sees the relaunch of our woodland and beach based obstacle training sessions, designed to toughen gym bodies up in preparation for upcoming OCR events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan, Warrior and the many others that are exploding onto the event/fitness scene at the moment.

tree work
race prep for Warrior

Sessions commence at the edge of the beautiful Houghton Forest just outside of Arundel where a 5 mile natural woodland course has been mapped out.  Autumn brings lots of challenges such as sticky mud, nettles, brambles and slipperly leaves but also offers lots of cushiony leaf beds as our natural crash mats!  The woodland section lasts from 60-90 minutes and incorporates climbing technique, breakfalling, hill sprints, mud crawls, balance work, log carrying (team and solo), branch relays, forest flow work, nettle sprints, height training, throwing practice, partner carries, calisthenics (burpees, squats, presses etc.) all interspersed amongst the 5 mile run

can you get the height to get over the fire?
deep mud awaits
Houghton hosts a nice cafe where the group can relax for a short break and take on board their chosen replenishment before we head down to the beach for another testing session combining bar work, hanging, water aclimatisation, beach sprints, balance, fight training, precision jumps, wall work and (subject to tides/water conditions) swims.

forest obstacle course
session ready to go
post race - we made it!
vine climbs
team relays
deer sprints with the hounds
By the end of the session participants should feel ready to take on most challenges thrown at them during the various competitions/events and will have gained an insight into the possibilities and breadth of working in an outdoor environment.

need to get those backsides down for the crawls!
the girls laughing through the pain
beach toy!

Tough Mudder pre comp pose!

In total sessions last from 2-3 hours depending on the weather, water conditions and group mix (we never leave anyone behind lol).  A nice mug of hot chocolate in the local cafe to wind down at the end before heading off home ready to take on your challenge!

crawling and more crawling!
race time

target practice in prep for Spartan
up and over - if the branch holds!

Sessions run on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the autumn/winter months and cost £62 (£29 Living Social deal).

To sign up simply call Rod on 07917 608278 for availability

Follow up 3 day courses are also available!