Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Spartan Training continues

Today we hit the beach at high tide.

Equipment used was a set of 20kg dumbells. No need for anything else as the breakwaters, deep shingle and crashing waves provided the needed resitance today!

The draining effect of the stones is not to be under estimated - our hearts and lungs were bursting throughout and there were several occasions when sickness was knocking at the door as our legs caught light!

Warm up: 2km run through decline shingle, jumping deep breakwaters (up to 10ft) on the way out and climbing back over on the return

No rest

2' 6" step-ups carrying 40kg dumbells, fast pace for 30 seconds - back-to-back with
Alternate plyometric lunges onto 2ft braekwater. - 3 continuous sets

15 second water break

Side step-ups onto 2ft breakwater, alternate legs with moving 40kg shoulder press- 10 reps
Breakwater leaps, double leg jump over 1ft breakwater and immediately bounce reverse back to shingle - 15 reps non stop. 3 sets

30 second water break

200m sprints in deep shingle - 2 sets. Timed. Killer.

30 second water break

100m bounding in deep shingle intergrated with bunny hops, walking lunges

Plank crawls - assuming plank position, crawl along the beach, legs burning and through breakwaters for 1 minute - 3 sets.


Optimise your workout - Pull-ups

As an exercise, pull-ups can provide a multitude of benefits. Obviously there are the major muscles of the Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) being worked and secondary muscles including biceps and middle back. A slight adjustment to a legs crossed and knees raised in front position recruits the abs.

Moreover, this is what we call a reality exercise. The forces use this as a benchmark test for new recruits and for good reason - being able to haul your own weight above an obstacle is useful and in some cases can be life saving (imagine falling into a river and catching the edge of the bank - could you haul yourself out?)

By supersetting this with for example a leg squat, you will really start to get your cardio started as well.

Do it on a doorframe to increase your grip strength too.

The options and applictations are almost endless. The results and benefits are amongst the best from any exercise.

Crossfire welcomes Bodybuilding and Nutrition specialist Neil Batchelor to the team.

Neil is one of our more experienced Trainers with a credible track record in body building and gym management.

His addition to the team brings some serious body transformation technique to our clients wishing to concentrate on extreme toning, mass gain and body styling type roles.

In addition to this, Neil brings on board the Muscle Fury range of nutritional supplements.

Achieving these sort of results can be arduous and involve serious changes to diet and your workout strategy.  Rest assured that Neil not only has the experience to get you there but that he has a very calming, charming nature achieving results through positive motivation and mentoring.

Neils impressive list of achievements include:

  • 2011 - Current South Coast 90kg Champion UKBFF (UK Body Building and Fitness Federation)
  • 2010 - 2nd South Coast 90kg UKBFF
  • 2010 - 2nd Scottish UKBFF
  • 2000 - 2nd Southeast UKBFF
  • 1999 -  2nd Stars Of Tomorrow UKBFF
  • 1999 - 2nd All Hallows Strongman

Don't let his appearance deceive you though - Neil is no 'meathead'.  As well as being REPS and YMCA approved and owning and running 3 gyms, both female and male, he is the founder and Director of Muscle Fury, One of the most popular nutrition companies on the market.  Their full range of supplements are exclusively available to our clients to assist them in attaining their goals.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Spartan workout

I know, it sounds cheesy.  But listen up-it's a mindset.  Boot camps have been popular for so long and now it seems that everyone is doing it - great, but is it really as tough as it could be.  Lets look at today's Spartan regime - being the first:

We're putting the body under muscular and metabolic stress - challenging every major muscle group in every possible direction with little rest.  We never repeat the same exercise in the same way twice as nature adds the X element to the mix.  The body never has the chance to adapt and is challenged at every turn.

3k run uphill climbing 184m, cross-country carrying a 10kg medicine ball in the arms and a 25k backpack.

arrive at destination - an old tree - looks and sounds idyllic.  Don't be fooled.

2 minute rest 

5 minutes continuous bungee rallies - tethered to a tree with rope and elastic for a 50 meter sprint, catch the medicine ball, sprint back and throw the medicine ball back to the start.  Using high leg sprint starts we drain the blood from the body to the legs and then, as the elastic tension kicks in, the respiratory system screams out for oxygen.  Added to this the pure adrenaline of knowing that the bungee could break if you over power ( we had one 'accident resulting in some lovely welts across the chest)!

No rest

500m sprint circuits through brambles, nettles, potholes.  Keep your legs high, bound, leap to avoid those stingers but watch where you land! - 3 sets supersetted back to back with

Branch pulls -  60 seconds tugging at a low branch - pull against the trees tension, straining the knees, quads, biceps and lats to burning point before back onto the sprints.

30 second water rest and move onto

Medicine ball crunches combining double kicks and overhead throws - 5 sets of 20, partnered and super setted with 

Medicine ball slam downs and squat thrusts. Last 2 sets progress to slam downs-medicine ball pressups-squat thrusts

no rest

5 sets 30 seconds Plyometric overhand grip pull ups - using the spring of the branch jump high and pull up - 3 seconds continuous pull ups - lats burning like hell! superset with

Deep press-ups with rotation - partner resistance.

no rest- straight on to

Medicine ball hops - leap high, knees raised-land on the medicine ball and leap back off high to spring straight back supersetted with

Branch push - low hanging branch pushed hard , knee deep in brambles and nettles to add distraction and adrenaline, branch wants to send you catapolting into the stingers.

30 second water break

3 x 2 minute rounds on the strike pad supersetted with chin ups

Medicine ball punches - throw the ball high, triple strike, run after it repeat - 5 minutes.

Cool down with 2 minutes skipping

2 minute water break

10 minutes stretch incorporating PNF

Pack the kit back onto the back for the descent run.

90 minutes - 1400 calories, 6k distance, 184m climb, 1 large bungee welt, lots of nettle stings, bramble cuts and a thoroughly exhausted but satisfied body!

Location - Cissbury Ring, Sussex - I think used to be a Roman Fortress - quite apt really.

That's day 1.

Day 2 Tuesday - carrying some tyre's on the run - should add another dimension!

PS - sorry tree!

Spartan training - bring it on.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Real life weight-loss challenge

We will soon be following the weight-loss diary of Jeanie Butler, a real mum with 2 hectic boys, a busy Partner and her own business.

Jeanie has tried the Atkins diet and the Lighterlife diet to some success in the past, shedding massive amounts of weight, only to put it back on again (and then some) when she returned to a 'normal' diet routine-the classic 'yo-yo' diet...
Jeannie and her Partner Tim who is behind her endevours

...sound familiar?

Now, desperate to lose her excess body fat, she has turned to Crossfire for help.  Using a combination of simple 'at home' exercise, taken regularly to fit into her lifestyle along with a good quality diet, we believe that she CAN do it.  Jeanie wants everyone to see how she does to encourage her to stick to the plan and to offer inspirattion to those in a similar situation.

Her diaries will start on her return from holiday in 10 days time and will include 'before' shots, exercises, diet and her emotional ups and downs as she pushes towards her goal.

Go Jeanie!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Gerard Butler strips off - body fat that is!

The movie star has shed an incredible amount of body fat for his new surf based movie but how has he done it?

Hard work, clean diet and total dedication to a sport specific program-in this case surf action cardio based workouts.  This can be achieved through good core stability training utilising wobble boards, stability ball, kettle bells, and medicine balls to punish his body's fat stores by constantly challenging his balance.

Added to this a high rep 'superset' based resistance programme tweaks the metabolism by building lean muscle.

Good old fresh fruit, fish and loads of water added to the programme really helps 'cut in' as does a good old cup of espresso before the workout for its thermogenic effect.

Oh and ditching the pink shorts was a good idea too ;@)

Go Gerrard!

Who's next?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Crossfire welcomes Personal Trainer Rhys Brooks to the team

Specialises in
  • Corrective Exercise / Posture
  • Weight loss / Gain
  • Strength Conditioning/ Functional Training
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Holistic Health

Personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist Rhys Brooks has a celebrity training background and is always keen to ensure the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism when working with his clients. 

Rhys is renowned for getting his clients into their best ever shape and feeling great through his holistic approach to health and fitness. He treats the body as a whole in order to help clients achieve optimal health and performance in order to meet the demands of their environment, whether it be sitting in an office, lying on a beach or competing in professional sports. Rhys has helped many chronic pain sufferers eliminate pain from their daily life restoring flexibility and mobility back into the body through his carefully designed corrective exercise programs. He gives advice on everything from physical training, nutrition, posture, stress management to mental health.

Rhys is committed to the highest possible standards. He has qualifications from the C.H.E.K Institute California, The University of Technology Sydney and The Fitness Institute Australia. He is a certified C.H.E.K Practitioner and holds a degree in Management in Sport and Exercise and is a member of the register of exercise professionals. Rhys maintains ongoing study and is currently studying the Poliquin Biosignature method

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cooking with Oils

Try and cook with either Olive oil which gives a smoke point of up to 400 degrees F or even better, Grapeseed Oil which is good to 485 degrees F.  The higher the smoke point then the less the nutrients in some of these 'healthy' oils break down and the less chance of any nasty trans fats (which are effectively poisons) to creep in and they hold their flavours better too..

Oh and if you buy your Grapeseed oil now you will find it at about half the price of buying it in the winter, so stock up with a couple of bottles for your stir fry's, lean bacon breakfasts and anything else that you may need a bit of high temp. lubrication for!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Crossfire welcomes Emma Weatherstone to the team

Bringing over 14 years experience in business as well as a successful track record in Life Coaching, Emma's approach is both powerful and motivational and assists our clients in achieving their goals from general fitness, weight loss and flexibility to helping memorise lines, focus on a new part or holding that important Board meeting.


BSC (Hons) Biochemistry and Molecular Biolog
Other subjects studied included human genetics, chemistry, cellular nutrition, microbiology and virology
Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with the Coaching Academy Certified September 2007
Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching (The Coaching Academy)
NLP certified practitioner with Ian McDermott (ITS) Certified June 2005
Dawn Breslin accredited advanced coach practitioner (2006) and group trainer (2008)

Crossfire welcomes Erika Keat to the team

Achieving one's fitness or training goals is is a 3 stage process.  We all know about the importance of good nutrition and a well thought out exercise programme but it is equally important to get your mind 'in the right place' as well.  Whether our clients are learning a new martial art for a film, preparing for a gruelling charity challenge or undertaking one of our TBT (Total Body Transformation) programmes, the use of Hypnotherapy can play a crucial part. 

We offer a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help our Clients take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.  

Erika has been practicing complementary medicine for over 10 years and, as well as her work with Crossfire, runs her own busy practice in London with clients such as BAFTA, The BBC, Credit Suisse, The House of Commons and Transport for London to name a few. 

Erika's Qualifications include:
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in NLP
  • Certificate in CBT
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner
  • Stress Management Practitioner
  • Reiki Master & Teacher