Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Spartan Training continues

Today we hit the beach at high tide.

Equipment used was a set of 20kg dumbells. No need for anything else as the breakwaters, deep shingle and crashing waves provided the needed resitance today!

The draining effect of the stones is not to be under estimated - our hearts and lungs were bursting throughout and there were several occasions when sickness was knocking at the door as our legs caught light!

Warm up: 2km run through decline shingle, jumping deep breakwaters (up to 10ft) on the way out and climbing back over on the return

No rest

2' 6" step-ups carrying 40kg dumbells, fast pace for 30 seconds - back-to-back with
Alternate plyometric lunges onto 2ft braekwater. - 3 continuous sets

15 second water break

Side step-ups onto 2ft breakwater, alternate legs with moving 40kg shoulder press- 10 reps
Breakwater leaps, double leg jump over 1ft breakwater and immediately bounce reverse back to shingle - 15 reps non stop. 3 sets

30 second water break

200m sprints in deep shingle - 2 sets. Timed. Killer.

30 second water break

100m bounding in deep shingle intergrated with bunny hops, walking lunges

Plank crawls - assuming plank position, crawl along the beach, legs burning and through breakwaters for 1 minute - 3 sets.


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