Thursday, 11 August 2011

Gerard Butler strips off - body fat that is!

The movie star has shed an incredible amount of body fat for his new surf based movie but how has he done it?

Hard work, clean diet and total dedication to a sport specific program-in this case surf action cardio based workouts.  This can be achieved through good core stability training utilising wobble boards, stability ball, kettle bells, and medicine balls to punish his body's fat stores by constantly challenging his balance.

Added to this a high rep 'superset' based resistance programme tweaks the metabolism by building lean muscle.

Good old fresh fruit, fish and loads of water added to the programme really helps 'cut in' as does a good old cup of espresso before the workout for its thermogenic effect.

Oh and ditching the pink shorts was a good idea too ;@)

Go Gerrard!

Who's next?


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