Sunday, 28 August 2011

Spartan workout

I know, it sounds cheesy.  But listen up-it's a mindset.  Boot camps have been popular for so long and now it seems that everyone is doing it - great, but is it really as tough as it could be.  Lets look at today's Spartan regime - being the first:

We're putting the body under muscular and metabolic stress - challenging every major muscle group in every possible direction with little rest.  We never repeat the same exercise in the same way twice as nature adds the X element to the mix.  The body never has the chance to adapt and is challenged at every turn.

3k run uphill climbing 184m, cross-country carrying a 10kg medicine ball in the arms and a 25k backpack.

arrive at destination - an old tree - looks and sounds idyllic.  Don't be fooled.

2 minute rest 

5 minutes continuous bungee rallies - tethered to a tree with rope and elastic for a 50 meter sprint, catch the medicine ball, sprint back and throw the medicine ball back to the start.  Using high leg sprint starts we drain the blood from the body to the legs and then, as the elastic tension kicks in, the respiratory system screams out for oxygen.  Added to this the pure adrenaline of knowing that the bungee could break if you over power ( we had one 'accident resulting in some lovely welts across the chest)!

No rest

500m sprint circuits through brambles, nettles, potholes.  Keep your legs high, bound, leap to avoid those stingers but watch where you land! - 3 sets supersetted back to back with

Branch pulls -  60 seconds tugging at a low branch - pull against the trees tension, straining the knees, quads, biceps and lats to burning point before back onto the sprints.

30 second water rest and move onto

Medicine ball crunches combining double kicks and overhead throws - 5 sets of 20, partnered and super setted with 

Medicine ball slam downs and squat thrusts. Last 2 sets progress to slam downs-medicine ball pressups-squat thrusts

no rest

5 sets 30 seconds Plyometric overhand grip pull ups - using the spring of the branch jump high and pull up - 3 seconds continuous pull ups - lats burning like hell! superset with

Deep press-ups with rotation - partner resistance.

no rest- straight on to

Medicine ball hops - leap high, knees raised-land on the medicine ball and leap back off high to spring straight back supersetted with

Branch push - low hanging branch pushed hard , knee deep in brambles and nettles to add distraction and adrenaline, branch wants to send you catapolting into the stingers.

30 second water break

3 x 2 minute rounds on the strike pad supersetted with chin ups

Medicine ball punches - throw the ball high, triple strike, run after it repeat - 5 minutes.

Cool down with 2 minutes skipping

2 minute water break

10 minutes stretch incorporating PNF

Pack the kit back onto the back for the descent run.

90 minutes - 1400 calories, 6k distance, 184m climb, 1 large bungee welt, lots of nettle stings, bramble cuts and a thoroughly exhausted but satisfied body!

Location - Cissbury Ring, Sussex - I think used to be a Roman Fortress - quite apt really.

That's day 1.

Day 2 Tuesday - carrying some tyre's on the run - should add another dimension!

PS - sorry tree!

Spartan training - bring it on.


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