Celebrity fitness tips

Gerrard Butler strips off - body fat that is!

The movie star has shed an incredible amount of body fat for his new surf based movie but how has he done it?

Hard work, clean diet and total dedication to a sport specific program-in this case surf action cardio based workouts.  This can be achieved through good core stability training utilising wobble boards, stability ball, kettle bells, and medicine balls to punish his body's fat stores by constantly challenging his balance.

Added to this a high rep 'superset' based resistance programme tweaks the metabolism by building lean muscle.

Good old fresh fruit, fish and loads of water added to the programme really helps 'cut in' as does a good old cup of espresso before the workout for its thermogenic effect.

Oh and ditching the pink shorts was a good idea too ;@)

Go Gerrard!

Who's next?

Actress Jessica Biel's fitness circuit

Jessica Biel’s circuits look like this:

Stretch: She starts with walking lunges these are great for butt and legs, and they warm you up. Warm ups and cool downs are really important as not to injure your unprepared body parts.
Cardio: Jogging (half a mile), sprints (200 meters, 150 and 100).
Core: Hanging leg raises help you flatten your abdomen.
Stair-jumping: Painful but improves nervous system and great for legs.
Weight Training: Nothing is going to improve your body as weight training, so pick up lighter weights and go.
Waist sculpting moves: Seated Russian twists with a five-pound medicine ball. 3 sets of 15 times.
Shoulders and biceps: Knees slightly bent 10-pound dumbbells for each hand. Bicep curl, then rotation to get your palms outward and twisting dumbbell press. Reverse to get into the initial position and repeat for 10 or 12 times for 3 sets.

How did Blake Lively get into such great shape for her starring role in The Green Lantern?

Blake Lively will be <i>Green Lantern</i>'s leading lady
The answer comes from  a mentored personal training programme involving a restructured diet and intensive exercise regime - obvious enough.

A simple high protein, no sugar diet with lots of oats, flaxseed and almond oil.  Protein rich foods such as tuna, chicken, tofu for lunch.  Dinner with more high protein and sweet potato or brown rice.

To keep the calorie burn high and to give a balanced, 'superhero' look to her body, Blake endured lots of circuit sessions - always a great addition to any fitness regime.  Circuits entail short bursts of intense workout with minimal rest periods between.  This works the whole body, is good for the core and, as the exercises change quickly to work different body parts/systems, the circuit route can be more enjoyable - especially if you add your favourite rock track!