Friday, 19 August 2011

Real life weight-loss challenge

We will soon be following the weight-loss diary of Jeanie Butler, a real mum with 2 hectic boys, a busy Partner and her own business.

Jeanie has tried the Atkins diet and the Lighterlife diet to some success in the past, shedding massive amounts of weight, only to put it back on again (and then some) when she returned to a 'normal' diet routine-the classic 'yo-yo' diet...
Jeannie and her Partner Tim who is behind her endevours

...sound familiar?

Now, desperate to lose her excess body fat, she has turned to Crossfire for help.  Using a combination of simple 'at home' exercise, taken regularly to fit into her lifestyle along with a good quality diet, we believe that she CAN do it.  Jeanie wants everyone to see how she does to encourage her to stick to the plan and to offer inspirattion to those in a similar situation.

Her diaries will start on her return from holiday in 10 days time and will include 'before' shots, exercises, diet and her emotional ups and downs as she pushes towards her goal.

Go Jeanie!!!


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