Monday, 13 February 2012

Lets Get Sussex Fit kicks off with its first FREE outdoor session

As part of our initiative to drive up the fitness levels of people living in Sussex and to entice them into sport generally, Crossfire launched 'Lets Get Sussex Fit'(LGSF) in January with a series of free initiatives. 

As well as a Facebook group 'Lets Get Sussex Fit' offering advice, daily workouts, competitions and a chance for others to share their success stories, Crossfire, has pledged 24 free outdoor group exercise sessions during 2012, starting in Worthing, West Sussex.  If popular, the Crossfire team will be pledging more free, bi-weekly, sessions in other towns around the county. 

Yesterday saw the first outdoor session on the beach to which people travelled from up to 30 miles away to attend, bringing their children along to join in the afternoons activities.

Participants performed a group warm up followed by a 2 mile power walk, a HIIT session, a body weight strength circuit, an intense ab workout and a stretching session.

  Children were encouraged to join in with the routines and helped out by coaching their mums and dads!

LGSF is actively encouraging involvement from fitness enthusiasts that want to lend their support and knowledge to help others.

The next Worthing session is scheduled for Sunday the 26th February at 2pm and can be joined by visiting the events page here and clicking the 'going'  button or, for more details, contact

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