Sunday, 6 November 2011

Spartan Extreme course 1

We've been out there in the mulchy autumn woods designing the course for this weeks Spartan Extreme course which starts tomorrow.  This will be a progressive course and 1 of 4, this one being the easiest and designed to settle newbies in - don't get complacent though this is still a 5 miler with 28 obstacles/and challenges but it wont be timed to allow us to settle in with the course.

Start with a 1 mile woodland jog taking in the beautiful scenery and getting trainers wet and ankles warmed up before...HELL!!!!!

Here's some shots to whet your appetite - we will be doing these in a random order as we make our way to the evergreens for a final sprint back to base for stretch out and copious energy bars and water!

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