Tuesday, 19 July 2011

7 tips for weight loss

  1. A good diet is the key to losing weight.  Calories intake must be balanced with exercise output and the quality of what you put in must be right.  
  2. Try and spread your daily calorie allowance over 5 smaller meals rather than 3.  An 11am and 3pm healthy snack keeps your metabolism working at a higher rate.
  3. No need to work out every day but try not to be sedentary on your days off either.  Become a fidget!  Thin people tend to be bigger fidgeters as they burn calories pacing up and down and wiggling their feet whilst watching the TV (Mrs. D is always telling me off for fidgeting lol)
  4. When you are exercising, try and keep your heart rate up.  I always recommend keeping your heart rate at a comfortable pace (ie 60 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate) - this is the ideal fat burning zone as the body metabolises fat rather than oxygen.  An indication should be that you can keep going for longer.
  5. Try and keep it fun and original so at least once a week train in a different way such as skipping, boxing, outdoor running, outdoor biking or swimming, This way it can keep your workouts new and interesting while managing to workout different muscles.
  6. Just because you are losing weight which in reality means losing fat, it doesn’t mean you can’t use weight to bulk up your upper body once a week to give your workouts some variety. Use free weights  to improve your muscle tone and therefore increase your metabolic burn.
  7. Have small targets every two weeks instead of one big weight loss target as it makes it all seem much more achievable and don't get fixated on pounds lost but look to reduce your overall body fat percentage.

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