Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Superman bar recipe

Try these pre and post an event in order to give you a slow release energy source as well as a great way of enhancing your mental focus or simply as a great in-between meal snack.
The final result - tasty

I have been making these bars for sometime now as a delicious and healthy alternative to a whey protein bar and as a tasty 'in-between meal' snack.  The nuts, seeds and grains provide a high level of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 whilst the fruits make the bars chewy, sweet and crunchy! Each 60 gm bar contains about 20gms of protein.

I used to make these for Southern Area belt, the British, Commonwealth and WBO Intercontinental Heavyweight boxer Scott Welch to aid his team prior to their fights.  I recall meeting up with Scott before fights and handing the bars over in an in-clandestine manner from the boot of my car!

The dough before rolling - about the size of a small bowling ball!
Anyway, here are the ingredients.  
No cooking necessary as the apricots, when boiled down, make the base which you mix into the ground down ingredients (I prefer to grind 2/3rds of the ingredients down to a powder and then crush the other 1/3rd so that the bars are nice and crunchy).    
300cl apple juice & 300g apricots (boil for base)
 400g sunflower seeds 
 400g pumpkin seeds 
 100g whole almonds 
 100g dried goji berries 
 200g whole brazil nuts 
 300g sunshine mix 
 150g dried cranberries 
 200g walnuts 
 50g quinoa 
 20g alfalfa 
 100g hazelnuts 
 100g Buckwheat 
 100g whole unroasted buckwheat  
 50g golden linseed 
 30g buckwheat flour (for dusting)

rolled out and cut 
 Roll-out and leave to cool.  Finally, coat in buckwheat flower to stop them being too sticky.

Covered in a light dusting of buckwheat flour - about 40 bars

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